A Letter From Garcia

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Mr. David Miscavige, COB RTC <———–                                 November 6th, 2010
Luis A. Garcia, Public Scientologist

Mr. Miscavige,

My name is Luis Garcia. I became a member of the Church of Scientology in 1982 at Orange County, CA. From the very first moment, I developed an intense interest in reading, studying, learning, and applying the teachings of Mr. L. Ron Hubbard. I wanted to go up The Bridge, and
I wanted to help others do so as well.

Throughout the years, I have taken many courses and received a lot of auditing, becoming an interned Class IV auditor, a Gold Seal Ethics Specialist, a graduate of the PTS/SP course, and also completed the Basics Book and Lectures among numerous other courses. I am New OT VIII, OTA, a Patron of the IAS, a Founding Member of Super Power, a Gold Humanitarian of the Orange County Org, a Supporter of ASI and a contributor to many other Orgs, libraries, causes and projects.

I have learned much and I have had great gains from my involvement with Scientology. I have the utmost respect and gratitude to LRH, and to all the staff across the globe that selflessly dedicate their lives to help others, and the many devoted public who have helped so much.

I am first and foremost a Scientologist; i.e.: “One who betters the conditions of himself and the conditions of others by using Scientology technology.” – LRH, Aud 73.

I have made it a practice to adopt stable data as I learned them in Scientology and found them to be workable and true. One stable datum I adopted early on from The Code of Honor is: “Never compromise with your own reality.”

Another one, is: “Look, don’t listen.”

I took these and many other data to heart and I used them as guiding posts in my travels through Life.

“WHAT IS TRUE FOR YOU is what you have observed yourself.
And when you lose that, you have lost everything.
What is personal integrity?
Personal integrity is knowing what you know —
…And to have the courage to know and say what you have observed.
… And sufficient personal belief and confidence in self
And courage that we can observe what we observe
And say what we have observed.
Nothing in Dianetics and Scientology is true for you
Unless you have observed it
And it is true according to your observation.
That is all.”

Ability, Issue 125
February 1961
(Tech Vol. VI, p. 23)

In following the above I must state I have found Scientology to be true. I have found LRH to speak the truth. I have also found to be true hundreds, yes hundreds, of horror stories I have heard and read about from current and former members of our church, telling a sad tale of abuse, alteration and misapplication of the Tech, heavy-handed ethics, malfeasance, lies, out-ethics, extortion, blackmail, harassment, enforced realities and just plain viciousness.

I too have experienced my own “horror story” with the church, which I will not bother to elaborate on as it pales in comparison to others’ experiences. Furthermore, as CAUSE that I am, I take responsibility for it happening in the first place. My communication to you today is more about an objective view of the current state of affairs in our church.

As I understand it, you are the complete leader and decision maker for our church. I also understand that all projects, programs, etc., are under your direct control and that you order and approve all of them. In other words, you run everything in the church. Every Scientologist knows without a doubt you are The Boss.

This is an important point, because as LRH said: “The primary aberration in situations that are being mishandled is: The person is unable to recognize Source.” HCO PL 23 April 1965, Issue 3, Problems.

Well, I do recognize you as Source. Not as Source of Scientology, of course. But as Source of everything that is happening with the church today. Here are some points:

1. The Ideal Org strategy is flawed and it is in violation of LRH’s policy.

Public all over the world are being pushed to donate, in many cases beyond their means, for the purchase of large and expensive buildings and their lavish renovations. This is wrong on so many fronts it is appalling.

1. This violates the three conditions of existence, BE, DO, HAVE, and it creates a must-have before we can do or be. I often read promo promising “the Ideal Org will boom the Org.” This is just not true and it is observable at the existing Ideal Orgs, which have not expanded in terms of new public, more students and more PCs.

2. The Ideal Org strategy shifts the focus of importance from Service to a building.

3. The Ideal Org strategy extracts “donations” from public, reducing their resources and ability to donate for their own Bridge. In many extreme cases, they end up saddled with a huge debt that totally removes any hope of ever being able to “go OT.”

4. “All Orgs must go Ideal” even violates the most basic and common sense principles of business. Many of the Orgs are not viable, have not enough staff, nor students or PCs, and are, quite obviously, floundering and empty of public. Yet, they are being ordered to expand into quarters much larger and much more expensive to maintain, before they have the natural need to expand into larger quarters.

Case in point, my own Org, Orange County, has paid $2,500 in property taxes annually. Since the new “Ideal Org” building was purchased in 2006, they have been paying over $65,000. And the building is still empty, as “more funds are needed to renovate it.” When the projected $7.5 million is spent on the renovations, the property taxes will go up to about $140,000 annually. This is a 5,600% increase of just this one expense, but in addition they will have much higher utilities and maintenance bills.

These are some LRH references on this matter, which I am sure you are familiar with, but choose to ignore:

“We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material, and so forth. And it keeps growing. But that’s not important.
When buildings get important to us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters.

Don’t get interested in real estate. Don’t get interested in the masses of buildings, because that’s not important.”

Tape: The Genus of Scientology
Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress
31 December 1960

“…In twenty years an enormous amount of experience has been gained regarding the quarters and housing of orgs. From this experience there are only a few clear-cut lessons. These follow:

“A. VIABILITY of the org… is the first and foremost consideration… not how posh or what repute or what image.”

“C. Image is a secondary consideration.”

HCO PL 23 Sept 1970
Quarters, Policy Regarding – Historical

“…So little by little, using donations you give us for your service, your training and your processing, we create little by little areas of sanity.”

LRH The Auditor #51, 1970
What Your Donations Buy

“If the org slumps… don’t engage in ‘fund-raising’ or ‘selling postcards’ or borrowing money.
Just make more income with Scientology.
It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside Scientology. It has always failed.
“For orgs as for pcs, ‘Solve It With Scientology’.
Every time I myself have sought to solve financial or personnel in other ways than Scientology I have lost out. So I can tell you from experience that org solvency lies in More Scientology, not patented combs or fund-raising barbeques.”

HCO PL 24 February 1964, Issue II
Org Programming
(OEC Vol. 7, p. 930)

2. You are lying to the public with stories of “Unprecedented Expansion” by using squirrel stats in violation of LRH’s policy.

LRH emphasized time and again that there is only one way to gauge the expansion of Scientology:

“The most direct observation in an org (or a country) is statistics. These tell of production. They measure what is done.
It cannot be said too often that management is best done by statistics.
…Run only by statistics.”

HCO PL 5 February 1970
Statistics, Management by
(OEC Vol. 7, p. 514)

“Stat management is the only kind of management you can do on a production scene. Management by statistics was brought to a fine art in Scientology admin tech. To discredit it is, of course, to court failure.”

HCO PL 20 September 1976-1
Org Series 35-1, Stat Push Clarified
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 696)

“By actual experience working and managing in many activities, I can state flatly that the most dangerous worker-manager thing to do is to work or manage from something else than statistics.”

HCO PL 7 July 1970
Data Series 14, Working and Managing
(OEC Management Series Vol. 1, p. 68)

“Therefore the only organization that is a sound organization is one WHOSE EVERY ACTIVITY can be tabulated by statistics.”

HCO PL 13 March 1965, Issue III
The Structure of Organization—What Is Policy
(OEC Vol. 7, p. 660)


HCO PL 15 April 1982, Issue II
Finance Series 29, The Counting of Gross Income
(OEC Management Series Vol. 2, p. 374)

LRH clearly lays out the 2 major stats for Scientology Orgs:

“Orgs have only 2 major final valuable products. One is well-trained auditors. The other is satisfied pcs.
…Tech and Admin policy exist only to assist making these two products IN VOLUME.”

Life Repair Block
8 December 1970
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 145)

“The product of an org is well-taught students and thoroughly audited pcs.”

HCO PL 17 June 1970RB
KSW Series 5R, Technical Degrades
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 14)

“The individual statistic of any organization (except SH) is:
The individual statistic of Saint Hill is:

HCO PL 4 October 1967, Issue I
Auditor and Org Individual Stats
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 118)

The training of auditors is, therefore, the single most important activity in Scientology, and its statistic is the single strongest indicator of the success or failure of Scientology management. But you don’t give any stats on these!

LRH also spells out, in numerous policies and bulletins, why auditor training is the senior product of all orgs and a must for all Scientologists:

“When you, as an auditor, accomplish your mission with a single preclear, you increase your confidence and your general ability, you increase your capability and what you can do for the universe at large and you win.”

The Auditor, 1968
You As An Auditor
(Tech Vol. VIII, p. 169)

“Getting to be an excellent auditor is a must if one merely wishes to live. But one dynamic isn’t enough. It takes all the dynamics to make a freedom. Therefore, to be Clear is not enough. To be a cleared auditor and to handle and audit people is a must if we wish to be totally free.”

Ability Mag., Issue #72
Late April, 1958
(Tech Vol. IV, p. 329)

“As an auditor you can do something about life, you can confront it and have a much wider, broader view of life and people than any person, regardless of their state of case, who is not an auditor.”

The Auditor, 1968
You As An Auditor
(Tech Vol. VIII, p. 169)

“It is surely, surely true that nobody will make OT without training.”

HCO P/L 17 March 1965 Issue I
Clearing and Training
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 614)

The system you replace it with is made up of unquantifiable generalities (“broad-scale impact out there”, “every ethnic, religious, and national concern on Earth”), and therefore cannot be managed by an actual statistic.
“Even the manner in which we gauge our expansion has utterly changed. In previous years it focused on our internal statistics. Today our expansion is measured by broad-scale impact out there, helping cities, states, and entire nations.”

IAS 21st Anniversary celebration, 2005
(reprinted in Impact issue #112, p. 52)

“Our expansion is no longer gauged by what takes place inside our churches. Rather, our expansion is now such that it is gauged across every ethnic, religious, and national concern on Earth.”

LRH Birthday Celebration; March 2006
(reprinted in Scientology News, issue #33, p. 48)

Thus, according to you, LRH’s way of measuring expansion (“internal statistics”) is now old and no longer used.

You have introduced a wide array of new statistics to Scientology. These are often highlighted at events, along with large graphs of “highest evers,” as evidence of Scientology’s “expansion.” Some of these stats, as featured in Scientology News issues # 33 through#40, include:

“People helped”
“Hours on OT projects”
“Ideal Org Fundraising”
“Volunteer hours in building orgs”
“Population of cities with new groups”
“Number of citizens aware of Human Rights”
“Shopping Malls playing our Human Rights PSAs”
“Number of dirt particles removed during film restoration”
“Number of miles of distraction-free voyages”
“Number of terabytes of processing memory”
“Inches of press”
“Square feet of book cover cloth”
“Feet of lamination”

You have also invented some “Future stats” and this is, of course, a contradiction in terms, since statistics by definition measure production already done:

“A statistic is a number or amount compared to an earlier number or amount of the same thing. Statistics refer to the quantity of work done or the value of it in money.
A down statistic means that the current number is less than it was.
An up statistic means the current number is more than it was.
We operate on statistics.”

HCO PL 16 December 1965, Issue II
Organization of the Int Exec Division—Statistics of the International Executive Division
(OEC Vol. 7, p. 89)

LRH on future stats:

“When you first inspect an area for products, you just look… Don’t listen to how they are going to get 150 products; just look and walk around with a clipboard…
“…If you don’t see receipts for 150 shipped products, they don’t exist and never have… Products that are only in people’s heads don’t exist.

Dreams are nice—in fact they are essential in life—but they have to be materialized into the physical universe before they exist as products.”

HCOB 23 August 1979R
Issue III Product Debug Series 1R—Debug Tech
(Tech Vol. XI, p. 507)

At nearly every international event of recent times, you have touted what can only be called “future stats.” Usually stated in reference to some new Ideal Org, your wording has included “potential for…”, “can fit up to…”, “will be able to handle…”, and “with a capacity exceeding…”

Example: “The new test center for Tampa Org can handle 155 raw public at any given time.”

3. You have created organizational chaos by double-hatting every staff member in violation of LRH’s policy.

Following the release of the Golden Age of Knowledge in March, 2005, you gave every staff and Sea Org member a stiff quota for the selling of Congresses to the public.
You then increased the pressure to sell exponentially after the release of the Basics at the Maiden Voyage Anniversary Event in June 2007.
As Public Scientologists, we found ourselves inundated with phone calls and unexpected visits to our homes by staff members, including in some instances by our own auditors and MAAs. I even received a “request” to meet with the Vice President of CSI for a “confidential” briefing, which turned out to be an attempt to sell me yet more Basics packages. Similarly, I received numerous phone calls from the Freewinds; in one call the phone was passed from person to person as in a production line, as I kept on declining the “invitation” to donate; and when it finally got to the end of the line, it was the CO herself trying to get me to donate to the Library campaign.
The net effect of this new tactic has been the transforming of every Scientology staff member, from the top of the org board on down, into a reg.

The above is in direct violation of several LRH policies:

“Organization consists of certain people doing certain jobs.
Disorganization consists of each person wearing all hats regardless of assignment.
In a smooth organization that runs well and succeeds

HCO PL 1 July 1965, Issue III
Hats, The Reason For
(OEC Vol 0, p. 196)

“If you want a higher level of dissemination and a higher unit or salary, the way to obtain them is simple.
1. Do your own job.
2. Insist that the other staff member do his—but don’t do it for him or her.
Even if an executive asks you to do somebody else’s job—don’t. Say, instead, “Am I transferred?” If the answer is no, tell him to get lost. I’ll back you up.”

HCO PL 11 April 1961
How To Do a Staff Job
(OEC Vol 0, p. 232)

4. You have squelched the self-determinism of Scientologists in violation of LRH’s policy.

Since the earliest days of Dianetics and Scientology, LRH has emphasized integrity and self-determinism as qualities central to a being. After LRH’s departure in the mid 1980s, however, more and more actions once considered a matter of personal choice became the object of orders and threats.

Following your inspection of the Solo NOTs line at Flag in 2005, and again in 2006, a series of FSO EDs were published. Each added a new item to the growing list of “mandatory”s, especially for Solo NOTs auditors:

1) Mandatory event attendance:
“Flag Scientologists are counted upon to attend all International Scientology events—no exceptions.”

FSO ED 8763
17 April 2007

2) Mandatory FSMing:
“Get 2 people onto Solo NOTs. When at Flag for your six-month check, you will be asked about this by your MAA and what we are looking for is compliance.”

FSO ED 8782
24 May 2007

3) Mandatory IAS Patron status:
“That’s why…you must become a PATRON OF THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTOLOGISTS. This is the minimum expected status.”

FSO ED 8432
18 January 2006

These are in addition to previous orders for mandatory OT Committee membership and mandatory Ideal Org participation.

The actual ethical requirements for Clears and OTs are covered in such policies as An Open Letter to All Clears and OT Courses. Neither these nor any other LRH reference tell the pre-OT how he must contribute in order to be eligible for OT Levels. By issuing these and other “mandatory”s you actually invalidated those of us who willingly were contributing.

Furthermore, you made it a crime for OTs not to attend the International events.

LRH states:

“… if a person is doing his job…ethics is considered to be in and the person is protected by Ethics.”

HCO PL 1 September 1965, Issue VII
Ethics Protection
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 502)

“Orders only occur where responsibility has failed.”

HCO PL 23 January 1968
Orders and Responsibility
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 139)

5. You have burdened OTs with excessive and unwarranted eligibilities and sec-checks in violation of LRH policy.

You invented the six-month refreshers for Solo NOTs auditors in which everyone gets sec-checked. This is a blanket C/S for all the people on Solo NOTs and violates the following LRH policy:

“Because it has not been previously specified whether Confessionals could be done during the Non-Interference Zone, it tended to leave the matter open to interpretation, and a common interpretation has been that one must not do any kind of Confessional or O/W pulling during the Non-Interference Zone.

But what about a case who is out-ethics and not making progress due to continuous overts and withholds or, even worse, undisclosed overts or crimes against Scientology? Such a case won’t make any progress until these are gotten off.

A person who is NCG, nattery, critical or otherwise exhibiting O/Ws or out ethics must be handled so that he can make case gains.

A pre-OT who is running well and making case gain should not be interrupted”

HCOB 8 March 1982
Confessionals and The Non Interference Zone

When pre-OTs that are running well and making case gain on Solo NOTs get interrupted and pulled in to FLAG for a “refresher,” at a great cost I may add, the purpose of HCO Sec Checks and the principle of inspection before the fact are also violated:
“The statement ‘I am not auditing you’ only occurs when a Confessional is done for justice reasons… (By ‘justice reasons’ is meant when a person is refusing to come clean on a Comm Ev, B of I, etc., or as part of a specific HCO investigation when the person is withholding data or evidence from such HCO personnel).”

HCOB 30 November 78R
Confessional Procedure
(Tech Vol. XI, p. 359)

“The basic flaw in organization is INSPECTION BEFORE THE FACT. That means inspection before anything bad has happened.
Violations are so harmful that they destroy every great civilization — the Roman, the British, the lot. For every flow is slowed or stopped.
…Passports, customs, safety regulations, general government interference before anything bad has occurred, add up to a SUPPRESSIVE SOCIETY and therefore, soon enough, a dead one.
Penalty after the fact has occurred disciplines the criminals and does not pull down the majority to criminal level.”

HCO PL 6 February 1968
Organization–The Flaw
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 66)

6. You have degraded Study Tech in violation of LRH policy.

There is extensive data on the subject of study and we all understand the importance of applying it properly and leaving no misunderstood words in our studies. LRH states:

“To clear a word, one looks it up in a good dictionary.”

HCOB 23 March 1978RB
Word Clearing Series 59—Clearing Words
(Tech Vol. XI, p. 95)

“Any word you come across which fits one or more of the above definitions of a misunderstood word or symbol must be cleared up, using a good-sized dictionary or more than one dictionary or textbook or encyclopedia.”

HCOB 17 July 1979RB, Issue I
Word Clearing Series 64RB—The Misunderstood Word Defined
(Subject Vol. 2, p. 315)

“A Supervisor who…lets students study without dictionaries and demo kits…and does not fully apply study tech and use Word Clearing is of course suppressive and should be declared, as he is actively blocking Scientologists from having and benefiting from Scientology.”

HCO PL 30 October 1978R
Courses, Their Ideal Scene
(OEC Vol. IV, p. 424)

You however, know better, of course:

“These glossaries are so good, you don’t even need a dictionary.”

On the release of the Congresses at the LRH Birthday celebration, March 13, 2005; same claim repeated at the Basics release, June 2007.

7. You have ordered FLAG to engage in delivery of the lower grades in violation of LRH policy.

It has been know for a while that Missions feed the Orgs, the Orgs feed the AOs, and then there is FLAG, where public arrive to receive their upper Bridge. You have ordered the massive promotion, selling and delivery of Lower Grades at FLAG, bypassing and ripping off Orgs in the process. Furthermore, the main promo button used in this is the speed of delivery at FLAG, which is a technical degrade.

Here is a quotation from a widely-circulated Flag official promotion:

From: Stephanie & Charlie Bills [mailto:flagconsultantfsceus@earthlink.net]
Sent: Thursday, July 16, 2009 1:48 PM
To: flagconsultantfsceus@earthlink.net
Subject: Completed Grade II, III and IV and started L11 in 10 Days.

Kathy Lackey came to Flag on 4 July 2009 ready to start Grade II. She was gotten right into session and completed Grade II on 8 July.
She then completed Grade III on 10 July.
And by 14 July (just 10 days after arriving to Flag) she completed Grade IV and started her L’s!!!

This is what LRH says:

“Within 5 years after the issue of this PL, with me off the lines, violation had almost destroyed orgs. ‘Quickie grades’ entered in and denied gain to tens of thousands of cases. Therefore actions which neglect or violate this policy letter are HIGH CRIMES resulting in Comm Evs on ADMINSTRATORS and EXECUTIVES.”

HCO PL 7 Feb 1965
Keeping Scientology Working.


“A condition of TREASON or cancellation of certificates or dismissal and a full investigation of the background of any person found guilty will be activated in the case of anyone committing the following HIGH CRIMES…
8. Boasting as to speed of delivery in a session, such as “I put in Grade 0 in 3 minutes”, etc.
9. Shortening time of application of auditing for financial or labor-saving considerations…
The puzzle of the decline of the entire Scientology network in the late 60s is entirely answered by the actions taken to shorten time in study and in processing by deleting materials and actions.”

HCO PL 17 June 1970RB
Technical Degrades

Soon after, you also ordered the promotion, sale and delivery of TRs and Objectives Co-audits. The latest FLAG Land Base magazine boasts:

“Delivery is out the roof! With over 250 students co-auditing, producing over 1,700 auditing hours each week…”

Meanwhile, such co-audits in my Org are virtually non-existent.

8. You have arbitrarily added prerequisite courses to Auditor training lengthening the time it takes to produce auditors in violation of LRH policy.

When you announced the release of the new Professional TRs Course you also made it a prerequisite for all Academy training. This is just the first in a growing list of prerequisites to auditor training. Others to follow include the new Upper Indocs Course (1991), the new Pro Metering Course (1996), and the Basics (2007).

The effects of an increasingly elongated runway to auditor training are well covered by LRH:

“We’ve had the datum for some time that a student too long on the runway is going to lose the spark and zeal he started out with.”

“New, shorter Level 0-IV checksheets have just been issued. Each checksheet has been stripped down to the key materials the student needs in order to audit that level. Starrates and twin checkouts are not given on these courses.

“The emphasis is on the basics, with tough drilling of the student on the skills of the level he’s studying—and then getting him in the chair!”

28 September 1978
The End of Endless Training
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 419)

9. You invented the “Golden Age of Tech” in violation of LRH policy.

In 1996, with training statistics already faltering worldwide, you released your first major solution to the problem — the Golden Age of Tech. It was here that you announced your now-famous Why:

“The blind have been leading the blind.”

This Why denigrates earlier training, even though the tens of thousands of staff and public who trained during this time period did so on LRH-written (or LRH-approved) checksheets — often with LRH directly on the line.

To this day, you continue to characterize auditors trained prior to 1996 as blind, lost, and deficient in their understanding of Scientology, including the ones trained by LRH.

LRH, however, felt otherwise:

“Excellent auditor training is now in the reach of every Academy.”

HCO PL 26 May 1961 Issue II
KSW Series 2, Quality Counts
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 16)

“With what we know now, there is no student we enroll who cannot be properly trained.”

HCO /L 7 February 1965
Keeping Scientology Working
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 7)

“It takes me about 3 or 4 weeks to get an auditor through his course and doing a good flubless job.”

HCOB 16 August 1972
C/S Series 84, Flubless C/Sing
(Tech Vol. X, p. 198)

“The extremely high caliber of auditor we are turning out is causing gasps of amazement whenever these fine graduates return into an area.”

HCOB 8 March 1962
The Bad “Auditor”
(Tech Vol. VI, p. 452)

“…The vast majority of auditors have a high professional conscience and are willing to study, drill and do everything possible to perfect their tech.”

HCOB 22 January 1977
KSW Series 21, In-Tech, The Only Way to Achieve It
(Tech Vol. XI, p. 13)

“Auditors do by and large a pretty fine job.”

HCOB 22 July 1963 Issue III
Org Technical HGC Processes and Training
(Tech Vol. VII, p. 236)

“We are and always have been in the business of training auditors. We can now do so more swiftly and efficiently than ever.”

LRH ED 299 INT, 28 September 1978
The End of Endless Training
(OEC Vol 4, pg 419)

As part of this release, through leading questions and cherry-picked definitions of key words, and by using only one definition of the F/N among the numerous ones there are, we were, for the first time since the development of the meter, led to the understanding that a real F/N must swing at least three times. This definition does not occur anywhere in LRH materials.

“A floating needle is a rhythmic sweep of the dial at a slow, even pace of the needle.
“That’s what an F/N is. No other definition is correct.”

HCOB 21 July 1978
What Is a Floating Needle
(Tech Vol XI, p. 204)

“One does not sit and study and be sure of an “F/N.” It swings or pops, he lets the pc cognite and then indicates the F/N to the pc, preventing overrun.”

HCOB 21 October 1968R
Floating Needles
(Tech Vol. VIII, p. 258)

This alteration is insidious in the extreme, as auditors worldwide will bypass countless valid F/Ns causing overrun and untold upset. I myself can attest to the frustration of endless eligibilities and my inability to F/N a question I knew to be clean. This alone will interiorize PCs and pre-OTs, will create bypassed charge and will trigger longer auditing requiring many repairs and their consequent intensives.

Furthermore, you had the audacity to proclaim:

“Point One of Keeping Scientology Working is now complete.”

On the release of the Basics at the Maiden Voyage Anniversary Event, June 2007.

Really? Are we to believe that when LRH wrote KSW 1 in 1965 he was lying when he said?

“We have some time since passed the point of achieving uniformly workable technology. The only thing now is getting the technology applied.”
“…One: Having the correct technology.”
“…One above has been done.”

10. You have re-released the Basics and made everyone re-study them in violation of LRH policy.

You altered the importance of the Basics by ordering that ALL Scientologists route onto them as soon as they were released. Academies worldwide were converted into courserooms delivering only Basics courses. Everyone training as an auditor or even those who were in the middle of OT VIII, were arbitrarily forced to route onto these courses on an immediate basis. LRH clearly states the difference between training and reading books:

“You can dawdle around with theory outside an Academy, read books and so on. But in an Academy only can you LEARN certain things, and not all the books in the world will teach them.
…All training should be of student individuals who will audit people…”

HCOB 7 June 1961
Academy Schedule, Clarification of
(OEC Vol 4, p. 568)

“Theories and processes can be picked up in books and from tapes as well as in classes. Technical skill cannot be picked up anywhere but in an Academy . . . a fact proven by years of observation.”

We are here to train auditors, not to educate them. So just train them.
… You can dawdle around with theory outside an Academy, read books and so on. But in an Academy only can you LEARN certain things, and not all the books in the world will teach them.
… Therefore, all training should not be of a class, for this terminal called a class will never audit anybody. All training should be of student individuals who will audit people, for only an individual student, not a class, will do any auditing.”

HCOB 7 June 1961
Academy Schedule, Clarification of
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 568)

“With what we know now, there is no student we enroll who cannot be properly trained.”

HCO PL 7 February 1965
Keeping Scientology Working
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 7)

“You can stuff a student with theory until it’s coming out of his ears but you won’t have an auditor until he AUDITS. You can even put him through all the drills that have ever been dreamed up and you still won’t have an auditor until he AUDITS.”

28 September 1978
The End of Endless Training
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 419)

“…It is the Academy’s purpose to train auditors…”

HCO PL 21 September 1965 Issue V
E-Meter Drills
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 626)

11. You have removed staff members and declared them suppressive in violation of LRH policy.

The following is a list of the names of 37 of the 50 staff members from St. Hill, the last Org LRH run himself, which you removed and declared.

Ken Urquhart LRH Pers Comm, LRH Butler, for 15 yrs (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
J.J Delance Technical Staff Clear #17 Started Scn in France (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Leon Steinberg Exec Council Clear #10 Personal Friend of LRH One of the original LRH trained Class XII (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Jenny Parkhouse Treasury Staff Clear #54 Personal Friend of LRH (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Pat Bloomberg Dissem Sec (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Peter Hemery HCO Secretary Personal Friend of LRH (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Mike Rigby Dir Accounts (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Joyce Popham LRH Pers Sec (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Joan McNocher: D/Guardian (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Robin Hancocks Deputy HCO Executive Sec (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Frank Freedman D/Qual Clear #127 Class VIII (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Betty James Ad Council Chairman (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
John McMaster SHSBC Course Supervisor FIRST CLEAR (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Pam Pearcy Ad Council Clear #211 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Reg Sharpe LRH Assistant Personal Friend of LRH Clear #7 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Tony Dunleavy Clearing Course Supervisor Clear #20 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Connie Broadbent Dir Accounts Clear #29 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Craig Lipsitz Qual Staff Clear #30 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership, but now undeclared)
Sheena Fairchild Tech Staff Clear #41 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Jennifer Edmonds Tech Staff Clear #15 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Bernie Green Tech Staff Clear #18 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Gareth McCoy Dissem Staff Clear #21 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
John Lawrence Tech Staff Clear #28 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Peggy Bankston Tech Staff Clear #34 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Helen Pollen Qual Staff Clear #47 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Fred Fairchild Tech Staff Clear #49 . (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Dorothy Knight Dissem Staff Clear #50 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Judy Gray Tech Staff Clear #56 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Cal Wigney Div 6 Staff Clear #57 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Mary Long Div 6 Staff Clear #58 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Bill Robertson Tech Staff Clear #61 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Linda Nussbaum Exec Staff Clear #62 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Robin Lindsell Tech Staff Clear #73 Class XII (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Val Wigney Saint Hill Interne Clear #87 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Edith Hoyseth Saint Hill Interne Clear #105 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Roger Biddell Saint Hill Interne Clear #107 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Cyril Vosper Tech Staff (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Brian Livingston Tech Staff Clear #35 One of the original LRH trained Class XII (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)


“…Now any time you find thirty people on staff being removed because they were suppressive, you know they had the wrong Why, because the percentages are wrong. It’s just as mathematical as that. If they’ve done that then I can also assure you they’ve left the suppressive on the staff and I can also assure you the guy that did it was suppressive.”

HCO PL 15 MARCH 1977 RA, Data Series 41 RA,
Evaluation, The Situation

“…You should upgrade your idea of what an SP is. Man, meet one sometime! A real one! A real monster… Well, in all the time we’ve been around here we only had one SP that I know of. One real SP that was on staff… And I don’t know of another single SP that we’ve ever had on staff. Isn’t that interesting. You see all these SP orders and so on… Don’t throw it around carelessly, because this is an–a very exaggerated condition, SP.”

“About Rhodesia,” lecture, 19 July 1966, Saint Hill Special Briefing Course tape transcripts
Lecture Set 421-434, pp. 223-224

In addition to everything stated above, you have committed other crimes and illegal acts, including but not limited to:

– The alteration of LRH policy regarding SO members having children. You have forbidden this, thus thwarting their second dynamic, and offloading loyal SO women that became pregnant, or worse, coerced them to have abortions. This action contributed to numerous divorces as you further suppressed their second dynamic.

– The introduction of executive C/Sing for, and alteration of, policy on the subject of Clear. Since 2002, the majority of former New OT 5s, 7s, and 8s have been adjudicated not Clear. This includes at least 6 public who had attested to Clear under LRH.

– The disappearance from view of senior execs such as President CSI Heber Jentzsch, Ed Int Guillame Lesevre, WDC Chairman/CO CMO INT Mark Yager, FSO Captain Debbie Cook, Snr C/S Int Ray Mithoff, CO CST Russell Bellin, and COB Assistant Shelly Miscavige, your own wife…

Many of these posts have remained vacant since their disappearance, which would suggest that you have collapsed the entire upper Int management strata and effectively created a dictatorship. Where are these respected, senior veteran members of the Church?

– The destruction of the Mission Network in 1982, at the infamous Missions Conference in which you ousted Martin Samuels, Bent Corydon, and many other Mission Holders of booming missions.

– The reinstatement of the disconnection policy, after LRH cancelled it, and using it as a weapon of fear and extortion.

“Since we can now handle all types of cases, disconnection as a condition is canceled.”

HCO PL 15 November 1968

– The illegal dissolution of the HASI, created by LRH, and replacing it with the IAS.

– Using the IAS to amass a “war chest” by abusing Scientologists’ native desire to help, but at the same time running the IAS in a way that lacks transparency, and does not fund nearly as many projects as it is capable of, based on the massive donations it collects, week in and week out.

– The misuse of confidential PC folder data to serve your evil purposes.


There have been countless Scientologists writing knowledge reports for many years, reporting instances of out-tech, abuse, injustices, etc. Scientologists have followed the policy laid out by LRH, observed the outnesses, report them… but these situations have failed to resolve. In many cases there would not even be a reply.

As usual, LRH explains this:

“If correctly reported outnesses that threaten the org are NOT corrected, then one assumes that suppression exists.”

HCO PL 7 December 1969
Ethics, The Design of
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 517)

Furthermore, this is what LRH says about stats staying down:
“A senior executive is soft in the head if he thinks statistics just stay down. They are always HELD down hard.

Emergencies don’t just happen because someone is idle. Emergencies are made — actively. It takes a lot of counter-effort to jam an org’s flows — if you don’t believe it, then measure it by the effort you exert trying to get things going. What’s pushing back so hard?
Emergencies are made. They don’t just happen. And any hearing in an area where statistics just won’t come up will reveal not mere negligence but actual crimes as well.”

HCO PL 16 January 1966R
Danger Condition
(OEC Vol. 1, p. 553)

“If one is putting heavy effort into pushing a graph up and it won’t go up, then there must be a hidden counter-effort to keep it down.”

HCO PL 6 November 1966R Issue I
Statistic Interpretation, Statistic Analysis
(OEC Vol. 7, p. 335)

“Indifferent leadership, even inaction can’t drive a statistic down. Only active suppression can.”

HCO PL 10 February 1966R
Tech Recovery
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 1087)

“It has been found that the whole reason for any lack of prosperity of an org is INTERNAL. The surrounding area of the public has very little to do with whether stats are up or down.”

HCO PL 7 March 1972R
Esto Series 1R, The Establishment Officer
(Management Series Vol. 2, p. 3)

“Bad tech makes it almost impossible to get pcs or students in.”

HCO PL 29 May 1961, Issue I
KSW Series 3—Quality and Admin in Central Orgs
(OEC Vol 7, p. 837)

“The public stays away from orgs in droves which alter technology.”

HCO Executive Letter of 1 September 1964
Technical Lectures by Other Personnel
(OEC Vol. 7, p. 1191)


HCO PL 25 September 1972
Recovering Students and Pcs
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 269)

“But the truth is that the public is with you just so long as results are achieved.
As soon as they aren’t achieved, areas become upset.”

HCO PL 26 October 1971
KSW Series 6, Tech Downgrades
(OEC Vol. 5, p. 97)

“I’ve learned this over the years: The entirety of our stats are internally caused.

“WE CAN CAUSE STATS AT WILL. External actions don’t affect them.
A newspaper can write reams of entheta and it doesn’t affect our stats at all.”

HCO PL 18 March 1977RA
Data Series 43RA, Evaluation and Programs
(Management Series Vol. 1, p. 167)

“The public is always there. Any enemy action does not change our stats.
They are changed inside the org or by higher orders only.”

Auditing Sales and Delivery Prg #1
2 June 1970
(OEC Vol. 5, p. 258)

“What destroys an organization is its own germs.”

Tape: Org Board and Livingness
6 April 1965

“So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High Priests. It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.”
HCO PL 7 February 1965
KSW Series 1, Keeping Scientology Working
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 7)

“You have only one big stable datum:

HCOB 20 May 1969
Keeping Dianetics Working in an Area
(Tech Vol. VIII, p. 415)

“Abandonment of standard tech in favor of unusual solutions.
This is always present when a collapse of Tech occurs.”

HCO PL 10 Feb 1966R Issue 2
Tech Recovery
(OEC Vol. 4. p. 1087)

“An arbitrary is probably just a wrong Why held in by law. And if so held in, it will crash the place.”

HCO PL 13 October 1970, Issue II
Data Series 19, The Real Why
(Management Series Vol. 1, p. 82)

“The introduction of an arbitrary into a problem or solution invites the further introduction of arbitraries into problems and solutions.”

Scientology 0-8, The Book of Basics
Chapter 5, The Logics and Dianetics Axioms
(Logic #15)

“Each time an arbitrary is introduced it has the effect of reducing the rationale and tone of the group as a whole and will lead to the necessity to introduce two or three more arbitraries”.

LRH Article of 11 Dec 1950
Group Dianetics
(First edition of R&D Volume 5, p. 261)

“A study reveals that orgs fade and stumble simply and only because vital actions are dropped out or harmful arbitraries are introduced.”

HCO PL 29 Dec 1971RB REV 4 Sept 1990
Flag Representative, Purpose Of
(OEC Vol. 7, p. 1407)

Therefore it is my conclusion, that you, David Miscavige, are a full-blown suppressive, as LRH says “a real monster,” and that you are the one responsible for the decline of the Church and the general unhappiness that exists among the staff and public. It’s easily explainable: you are an SP, the staff and public are PTS to you.

So what is the purpose of this letter?

Firstly to tell you that I am hereby resigning from the Church of Scientology, because you have managed to hijack it and have turned it into a squirrel group. Handling from within is not possible, as you have really made the entire area very PTS, have created a dangerous environment whereby Scientologists routinely engage in thought-stopping, inhibited communication, not-ising and dub-in, and many have snapped terminals with you. I can imagine the piles of Knowledge reports sent to your office every day, and nothing is ever done on them.

I am not, however, resigning from Scientology. I am a firm believer of the philosophy and in fact I am applying it here, now. I will forever be a staunch defender of Scientology and will do my best to keep KSW in.

I am joining the group of Independent Scientologists, which is in fact thriving and truly expanding, and where delivery of LRH Standard Tech is a reality. So, like many others before me, I go.

And one person at a time, much like the drop becomes the trickle, and the trickle becomes the stream, and the stream becomes the river… you shall one day find yourself alone, no one to listen to you, no one to follow you. Alone with your wondrous empty buildings.

Secondly, is to let you know that I know. The blindfold has come off. I know what you’ve done and I know what you are doing. As far as I am concerned, you can take your “Command Intention” and shove it!

And, you know? Eternity is a very long time and it is ahead of us. You may destroy the Church, but you will not destroy Scientology.

I am confronting you today, but you will have to confront me some day and pay for your crimes. And pay you will.

Luis Garcia

“A true group must have a management which deals in affinity, reality and communication, and any group is totally within its rights, when a full and reasonable examination discloses management in fault of perverting or cutting ARC, of slaughtering, exiling or suspending that management. ARC is sacred.”

Essay on Management

“To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help mankind.”

Code of a Scientologist
The Creation of Human Ability 1954

“[People] learn to keep their mouths shut, and it’s the wrong lesson. When in doubt, talk. When in doubt, communicate… you’ll be very successful all the way along the line if you just remember that.”

The Phoenix Lectures 1954

“What would happen if all men were free enough to speak? Then and only then would you have freedom.”

HCO PL 8 February 1960
Honest People Have Rights, Too
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 461)

“Look, don’t listen.”

HCO PL 7 February 1965
KSW Series 1, Keeping Scientology Working


Hello world!


After much looking, soul-searching, researching, evaluating and arriving at conclusions, I decided to leave the church. But how do I do it? Stable datum: I am a Scientologist who applies Scientology.

Luis Garcia

Luis Garcia

As part of doing my conditions, I thought of writing a letter to David Miscavige. In it I would combine several points of the conditions’ formulas, for example:

Doubt #6: “Join or remain in or befriend the one which progresses toward the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics and announce the fact publicly to both sides.”

Doubt #7: “Do everything possible to improve the actions and statistics of the person, group, project or org one has remained in or joined.”

Liability #2: “Deliver an effective blow to the enemies of the group one has been pretending to be part of despite personal danger.”

As I was doing my conditions, I came to the end of doubt, and had to announce my decision to “both sides”. As part of this process, I sent my letter to Miscavige, via the RTC website first, on November 6th.

However, if I had only sent the letter to Miscavige and then posted the letter on the different blogs, I would really only be addressing one side, and even then it would be incomplete. One side has to include every Scientologist from across the world that I have ever known, from Hollywood to Kazakhstan, for the last 28 years. Since I have this habit of collecting contact info from everyone I meet, I was well prepared in terms of names and email addresses.

But what about the thousands of unsolicited emails I’ve received over the years from church staff and public Scientologists, requesting donations for “ideal orgs” all over the map, or announcing their fundraising of the day, or promoting their “Improve your Finances” seminar, or ordering my attendance to a mandatory briefing?

Well, I figured if they communicate to me, then I also have the right to communicate to them. So yes! They all got a copy of my “Letter to COB.” And let me assure you, my list included a large number of org staff and SO members from around the world as well as some staff of high rank.

As a result of my “dissemination”, I received a number of replies from people who wanted to forward my letter to their own mailing list, but couldn’t or wouldn’t do it because “they were under the radar” or for other reasons. So they gave me their mailing lists and I sent my letter to everyone from those lists.

And soon after that, I received other replies demonstrating that many more of my original recipients were in fact forwarding the letter to their own contacts.

So, all in all, I sent a total of 2,643 emails. The number of times the letter was forwarded by recipients is unknown.

Here are the stats so far:

Total number of emails sent by me alone: 2,643

Bounced/undeliverable: 136

Replied “Don’t ever email me again”: 14

Replied “How did you get my email?”: 17

Replied expressing agreement and support: 7

Replied expressing agreement from people “under the radar” 29

Cautious replies wanting to know more: 11

Replied with a KR written on me: 2

Replied from OSA bots: 4

These stats are very interesting. After reading a 20-page letter outlining a plethora of outpoints the biggest concern of 17 people is “How did you get my email?” Can you spell f-e-a-r? Altered importance, perhaps?

What is blatantly obvious above is what is missing: 2,423 did not reply at all. SILENCE. I wouldn’t want to speculate on what this means. You can draw your own conclusions.

But I do remember a time when I received an “entheta” email. I stayed silent, took action, and I started to look.

I doubt Miscavige received my letter, as his staff would probably not forward anything that might slightly enturbulate the dear leader.

For a few days now, this letter has been distributed far and wide and read by plenty a Scientologist, and replies continue to come in.

So davey: if you are reading this, and I’m pretty sure you are, you are officially the last person to read my letter addressed to you. Now, when staff and public give you that funny look, you may wonder: “Is this one of the thousands who received that letter? Does he agree with it? Is he disaffected with me? Maybe he needs more sec-checking. Or a good solid RPF for 8 years…”

And this concludes my declaration of Independence. And in classic miscavige-style I would like to say: “It was an enthralling and formidable, magnificent but yet incredible, unequivocal and uncompromising, and most exhilarating and effective way of delivering a blow to the enemy.”

Love you all.

Luis Garcia,